You know, I am a small ball. And the world is a big ball. That's quite an opposite but I want contrast, not just a petty antonym. So, the world is a huge ball. Or enormous, or maybe, colossal. Anything that drives the point home. So, we're two unequal balls. And we're rolling in the deep, space. But there are many paths we may take. One is, when I'm chasing the world. Another is, when I'm running from the world and the world is giving me a chase. Yet another is when I and the world are moving apart. Finally, we could be converging too.

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But, in any case, in all cases, the world wins. It is bigger, covers more ground than my tiny circumference. Running away? Haha! Unless I'm as fast as light, I've got little chance, I'd be run over. Running behind, how fast can I go, I'm easily left behind? Running towards each other, now that is something we both look forward to, and I take one small step, the world take one huge step towards me. Or, if we have understanding on parting, the world will be gone in no time should it choose to. But then again, who won? The world!

So, want to win? (Say yes like a happy puppy!) Embrace the convergence.

And just for the sake of fun, know how to fly off the tangent! Above all, just get the balls rolling.

'Get the ball rolling' written on a post-it note

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