Isn't it irritating when you are looking for a pair of scissors in the kitchen in its designated place in the cutlery box and it isn't there? Not just there, it is absconding from the entire cooking range! You move a few utensils, lightly first and then a bit frantically; the last one a bit loudly. Yet, the intimidation isn't enough for the kitchen to spill the beans. While the irritation swells like a fireball around you and might incinerate anyone and anything that crosses you at the moment, you suddenly realize you are angry.

Aesthetic Blasphemy | Image of a boy wearing a red cape
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You tell yourself that you are not angry, you are anger. Anger cannot affect anger. With that, you grow quiet. You might even gather a little lilt and a hint of a chuckle like you did when you used to get physically hurt and your parents would tell you that you were a bahadur bachha (brave boy). Gently moving another packet, or that lid of the casserole that was put in the wrong place yesternight and the prize reveals itself - just like that.