Heart and mind tearing a man apart

Let us play a game, you and me,

'The game', for it is hard to name

You bring your tool, your heart to fore,

and I my mind, in the cloak of a heart

and we play.

I will tell that I am a little slow,

that my heart takes time,

buy time, more time,

for heart is not mind,

while we play.

You tell me what your heart tells,

and I take it up my mind,

I try to find what your heart knows,

and commit a crime of rhyme

as we play.

I take off that cloak and night,

for a facade is hard to keep,

I tweak it in the dim lamp shade,

while in the darkness you sleep,

in the play.

I fix it with new elements,

And conjectures that might please a heart,

I stifle empty groans of my mind,

the nature antithetical stark,

yet we play.

I let my mind take a different shape,

with every new sampled please,

I learn what you like, when you do,

and the well intended tease,

oh, we play?

I grow up more as you grow into me,

and my mind is much at ease,

for my mind grew a heart it knew,

every nook, every crease,

we did play.

I shed my valour cloak,

reasons for pretense none,

for my mind like water in flow,

has shaped into one,

big, loving heart.

Now, shall we play?

Heart and Mind shaking Hands