I want to tell you about my pleasure in wanting to share the books I like. I am possessive about the books I own, and I might even generalize that to a lot of things. So, when I say that I want to share the books with you, it means that I want to buy each one of you a copy. That's ridiculous! right? The first book that gave me this giddy kind of feeling to share was 'Surely, you are joking Mr. Feynman', or perhaps, it was 'Perks of Being a Wallflower'. I actually gifted Feynman to a friend while my euphoria lasted. And I think I had gifted Chbosky's creation too, but I also remember the unfortunate coffee stains my copy had received when I had given it to someone to read. I had recommended those books to anyone and everyone who asked me for book suggestions. Still do.

Aesthetic Blasphemy | Grant Snider's illustration on celebrating boredom
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So, this time, let us celebrate another book that is currently giving me the feels. It is a book, a curated collection of illustrated comic strips on 'The Shape of Ideas', by Grant Snider. He draws at 'Incidental Comics'. I have really enjoyed the book. Safe to say that the author's Preface note to the reader - that is me - has struck a chord.

So, if you are interested, and if you would like to try this, I'll be happy to buy this book for at least one person from India, chosen by random selection of a pseudo random number generating computer program. All you've got to do is to show your willingness by leaving a note (anywhere you feel like reaching out to me) with your name and email address. Should you be the lucky one, I'll contact you over the email given for further dispatch arrangements. No, I'm not giving away my copy.

There are many ways to reach me:

  • comment below
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  • in person
  • other digital forms of communication

I intend to run the lottery by mid June, 2017.