Yesterday, while I was coming to office and reached the entry gate, it occurred to me that I never took time to stand back and notice that our Tricolor is dutifully hoisted every day and carefully folded back every evening. Today, as I saw it in the reflection of the glass entry gates, fluttering in the wind in full force, I couldn't help but admire it, and feel loss, of my inability to 'stand and stare' until the next time 'it occurs to me'. It must have been the trigger point.

Today, as I entered our office premise, suddenly, it occurred to me (again) that the place I work in, its campus and the building are actually magnificent! A road with hedges in the divider and trees along the sides of the road winding down to the entrance of the building. A four storey building with an imposing black wall on all sides, particularly the front facade which is like an open chalice calling us out to enter and give our best. You actually have to climb a fleet of stairs to get in, but what fun! The stairs converge! It doesn't have any windows on the front, except on the top, as if it were some huge pillbox with a narrow slit on the top to monitor the activities. The rest of it being a sheer slab of black or gray. And how I noticed our flag, that it was dutifully present. But the windows, what would it mean to be in a building with a perspective, but no one to look out. What would be a workplace without windows? I shifted my gaze and lo! it is only the front facade which doesn't have any. The work areas are full of windows. I wonder why people don't use these windows? I have always liked the window seats! Here, we've alleys down there or cubicle walls. These days, I've started to walk up to the windows and zone out. The encouragement comes when you read that the researchers approve of the same. Zoning out helps solve problems.

But that is not how my day started today. In the morning, while I entered the kitchen area to prepare coffee, it occurred to me that every song is, in itself, very likeable. In fact, everything is. How can we compare the lyrics of one with the other when each one is just as sincere? Yes, it is our emotional and mental state which defines what we feel and how, but today, of all this time, my mind chose to feel this, and it felt really good to know that I can enjoy any song today, without actually hearing any song. Why? Because the moment I hear one, the feeling will dissipate. Because right now, it is all inside my head, and only the sight of the song can help, not the act of hearing it. That would definitely be a let-down. Why? Because I won't be listening to the song for the sake of hearing it. No! sometimes, I cannot afford that kind of luxury. I cannot let the tempo of the singer determine how I enjoy the song. So, I'll take the lyrics, and read them for my private pleasures today. And I will love each song while I can.

So these 'occurred to me' kind of phenomenon are very interesting, you see. They are like Nitrous boosts to my bullock cart.

Little boy standing on a small dock staring at the reflection of sky in water.

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