"So, you mean that our daughter will take care of you. You have no regular job, she has one; why would you even imagine it in the most ludicrous of all dreams that such matrimony were permissible, if at all possible?", her father spoke without making any attempt to conceal his derision, or his pride for his daughters 'being an independent woman'.

"Sir, I... I don't understand what should be the problem with this arrangement? She takes care of me, I take care of her, what else do we need? I don't drink, I don't smoke, I love her and hope to do so till the end of time, I'll make her happy, she'll be incharge of most things, my intentions and my communication is pure, She also loves me to a certain extent that she wanted me to ask you for her hand, what is missing?" he asked innocently, bewildered.

"Your economic security is missing, young lad. What do you call yourself? A... a.. bricoleur? What does that even mean?", her father hesitated little before charging at this suitor.

"But that is absurd. Isn't it funny that you would have a totally different view had I been in a regular job and your daughter not in one? Don't you trust your daughters capability of being able to sustain a family alone? I trust in her, I know she can do anything.", the lad tried to negotiate.

"No. Now leave."