I have been thinking about days, nights, and the interludes. I have been thinking about shadows and darkness. I think shadows get a bad rapport quite unnecessarily. An oft-quoted quip is “don’t depend too much on anyone in this world because even your own shadow leaves you when you are in darkness.” I think that is underestimating what a shadow can do or does.

I imagine myself walking through the day over the hills and plains with just one constant companion - my shadow. Sitting in the shadow of a dense tree, I cannot help but wonder why a cloudy day sometimes wreaks havoc on my moods? I wonder why do we call it being 'under the weather'? How many times I have wished that those clouds rained so hard and got done with whatever business they had? I see what the lack of a shadow does to me. Do you see it too? Do you feel it too? Do you feel the ecstasy and the relief when it finally rains as I do? And do you find yourself bothered again when it wouldn't stop raining and you'd feel you are missing a part, and not know that it is the shadow? But I know.

Gloomy the earth on the shadowless days,
Sad and monotonous, ghostly with haze,
Gloomy the sky by the clouds overrun,
Days without shadow are days without sun.

~Amos Russel Wells

'Leave' you when you are in darkness? Hah! Why would you not think that your shadow knows that you'd be alone, and so, it becomes so huge that it surrounds you like an embrace? That what you call darkness is your shadow. Sit with it sometimes. It expands to bring the whole world into your embrace. That is where the magic happens. Dark, magic.

I have been thinking about inversions lately.

Aesthetic Blasphemy | Sketch of a girl ensconced in darkness around her
Original Artwork Attribution: Reddit
The artist was kind to let me reuse her concept. Find her on Insta

P.S.: I had an image in mind around which I had woven this thought. My head is a funny thing. The image I talk of is highly textual. This image was very close to what I had in mind. So, I kind of adapted it to take some element off it and give shape to my mind.