Father and son paint wall together

Son, you must learn to paint.

You don't have to become a painter because you know how to paint. But you've got to learn it to know how much paint you need, and what is the cost of paint and everything that comes in as adjunct, and you need to know how it should be done, even when you are not going to do it yourself. You will need to learn how to prepare the walls, how to apply putty and use the brush. You'll have to learn how to wash the brushes later so that they may be used another day. Why? You might ask me. Well, because after learning to paint, maybe you could become a world famous painter, but even if you don't, at least no run off the mill cheap-stake will be able to swindle money out of you for trivial paint jobs. You'll know how much you are supposed to pay, for material and for labor.

And son, you must learn how to drive a nail into wood, and how to drill holes in walls. You must learn it all son, and in the midst of it all, let me assure you, we'll have a lot of fun. You'll learn things that will help you everywhere. I'm not trying to teach you the way economics works. A man can always read the MRP labels to know the cost of things, but a man who knows the cost of everything and value of nothing is nothing but incredulously vain.

And hence, you must learn to fix yourself up, and a little of others too.

Here's a wonderful song for you all :)