Today was supposed to be an ordinary day, just like any other day. Woke up on the same side of my single bed, on the corner like I usually do, feeling the same heaviness on the eyelids; one side of nose doing its shift of breathing while the other relaxed in a partially closed state. The ephemeral reminiscence of the morning dream was fading fast, like it never happened and of course, no memory of what or where I was the last night, or what I did the previous day. I am not aware of where I have woken up, I haven’t woken up yet. It would fill up my head in a few moments from now, but not now, my system is slow to boot up and the routine is fairly mechanical. In the dim lights dappling across the dewy windows and translucent curtains, I can barely tell if it is 7 or 8, it could certainly be more than that, the winter sun is usually slow in its ascent here. All I do is sit up and hunch, trying to get back into my senses. Like numerous other beds, this one should also be forsaken, until night, like all the other beds I’ve left.

As the cobwebs in my eyes clear up a bit and my senses start to return to normal, I hear it – a soft snore coming from somewhere where I was lying not much time ago. In the meantime, images of the previous day race through my head in an incoherent jiffy while I am trying to place my ear in the direction of that murmuring breath. More images, my mind is awash with reels. I remember now, in full detail what had transpired the last night. I remember in some detail what led me to it. I remember I am in my bed and I am now aware that I am not alone. My pillow, which I never used now cradles a soft head in its depression. Oh, it is dark in here, damn it is dark in here. I remember now, the feel, the warmth, the softness, the love. All I don’t recall is if I said something, or if you said something. I am a little miffed at myself for not remembering it until yet, I hadn’t expected you’d disarm me such. But as I begin to see your traces as my eyes begin to adapt, Oh, I don’t need them yet, I know what I will do.

Sleeping beauty

You marked me yesterday, and I would return it in kind every morning, but not today. I want to wake up to this for the rest of the days. For today, is the first day of my life. Today, I’ll just lie with you.

And here I was thinking that it was just an ordinary day.

P.S. It was here for a moment, and then it was all gone, just like that morning dream. Sigh! Crumpled it up, tore it down, burnt it to ashes, allowed them to drown. But alas, love once lost, never came back.