Do you like a sequel or prequel? As for me, I don't know what I like; maybe it is the content(ment) that I am after, or maybe it is just the way it sounds. So, when a Pradeeta who blogs at 'Wings of Harmony' and is pretty good with words when it comes to rhyming with aplomb and writing from the heart wrote the opening lines of what you are going to read henceforth, saying it was impromptu when she read a post on my blog, I thought it was the most opportune time to invite my first guest blogger to Aesthetic Blasphemy, to tell another side of the story. If you find such prompts, do let me know in such ways as Pradeeta. Everybody, please welcome her, and with her this new section of Guest Posts, which she has graciously accepted to inaugurate :-)

Her first night

एक सुकून था उसकी आहटों में, एक जुनून था उसकी मंद साँसों में।

मैं खामोश था, मदहोश सा उसकी आँखों में और वो ढूंढ रही थी मुझे अपनी तन्हा रातों मे।
I could feel your sleepy eyes upon me, sleepy yet strangely aware of me, in the place where you'd have been if I wasn't here. They say, time really stands still if you are not waiting for something to happen, and today, it was slowing down. I recall the last night, in vivid detail - your eyes, your mischievous eyes and the words - which were hidden, hushed and confined - flowed in that kiss I would not forget. I felt though, that you wanted to say something and I wish you did, but I will let it pass.
I have never left beds like you claimed you have, but may be, I have left a million hearts before I decided to walk this way with you last night. The rising sun outside the window wants me to open my eyes and look at you fully - I have never been a sound sleeper, but today I am strangely alert, aware of your presence next to me. You might not remember what happened yesterday or the day before but I know what I want; I know I would like to lie next to you for the rest of the days. For today is the first day of my life...with you.
P.S. This,'The First Day', inspired me to write about her first day.