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A German scientist Heisenberg once gave a principle – The Uncertainty Principle. He believed that at any moment, we cannot tell with absolute confidence the accurate position and velocity of an electron simultaneously. If we could accurately calculate the velocity, its position will become more inaccurate and if we could tell with absolute certainty the position of that electron, its velocity would become more uncertain. This alleviated the problem of finding the two with high accuracy, but a full blown field descended to take its place – probability. We can only predict the probability of finding an electron in an area and its velocity.

A thought that I should write more often in Hindi has been racing through my mind since many days. So when I did think upon this thought of writing more in Hindi, it felt right. After all, what is creativity? A formless and unanswerable feeling which finds egress in words? Or something that manifests in the caricatures carved by sculptors? Or is it a life submerged and lost in colors? Whence it starts, has no color, no language or idol or face and what is, is something that no one has been able to tell in absolute terms, a thought perhaps. But calling it a thought would be baptizing it to words and that would be so wrong in many ways, because a thought can be expressed, but what gave birth to that thought is something everyone could tell empirically, but never define it absolutely, as if it never existed. We all can see the effect, but everyone is clueless about the cause. Then it does not matter if it is English, Hindi, any language, or any art. It was such causation that convinced me that it would be right if I wrote in Hindi every Wednesday.

I wonder if Heisenberg was a scientist or a philosopher who stated that (do whatever you may), you may never be able to shed light on it (whatever it is), and if you manage to cast a spotlight on it, then chances are that you are not seeing what it actually is, but what you think it is; this is because you, in an effort to see it, made that ‘effort’, or worked on it which affected it, and hence it could not remain degenerate.

How easily did he dissuade scientists from pursuing the entity and changed the course to find the unity. You don’t need to catch it in restfulness to understand what it is or what it does, or can do, but can find it by observation and calculation. Even if you can trap it, isolate it, and see it the way it is, there is no guarantee that it answers all your doubts, because there are certain answers which lie not in it, but in its motion.

So, neither its being is wrong, nor is its not being. And lo! People lynch each other over its form and formlessness.

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