I've literally been itching to say this to all of you! 'Bhaad me jao!'. You heard me right! Go visit sometime, you'll end up here only.

One night I had this brilliant idea the moment I let my head to rest - 'hey, is this place called bhaad available for rent?' It was, so I got it. No, I'm not extravagently rich to pander to such whims, but I do cave in every now and then. My pals know me. This is what they gifted me recently.


So! I've fulfilled my commitment to write my own website with my own hands, and now I've moved from a Drupal based site to a Django based one. The upside is, I won't be nagged by the frequent updates of third party apps or a argu1567zre56 applying for an account every other day. The downside is, I won't be nagged by updates. As the parable about the difference between heaven and hell goes -

"Heaven, we are told, consists of spending all of eternity in the study of the holy books. In contrast, hell consists of spending all of eternity in the study of the holy books."

It is highly likely that I become complacent and outdate myself. Right now it is pretty lousy, but that is all right. I hope to get some visual feedback and suggestions from you guys! If something doesn't work, and is meant to work, let me know, on whatever communication mediums you are comfortable with. And if you don't want to help, "bhaad mein jao"! :D