There are days when I wake up and know that the day is already wasted. It is just a hunch, but strong enough for me to capitulate. These are the days when I wake up and fall back into bed. Sleep has run its entire course and dreams are elusive. After having a good night’s sleep, the day time sleep comes in fits as the day drags along.

My body is lazy, my brain is not. But it is on these days that my brain involuntarily opts for a hiatus and body is surprisingly nimble. This is a dangerous situation to be in. I am in a constant lull and everything is dragging along. The time is warping around me, and I am there like a huge black hole absorbing it all and digesting it without pause, or concern. I wait for it to be over, I long for the next day, but a black hole does not know the concepts of time or space.

Having good friends visit me on such days is a boon, even though a major chunk of my brain rejects their appearance as intolerable inconvenience. They ask if something’s wrong and I dare not spread the cancer. Point to note is, having good friends is a must. I’ve found it more important than having blood relatives who seldom call, let alone visiting. The fault is inbred in me. We throw invites, and yet no one means it. Sometimes I do. But then, I don’t have a place they could visit, and I always get a feeling that their invite is more of social etiquette than a sincere invitation. There are a few though, but few.

So when these good friends arrive and tag me along despite my reluctance, I feel good in no time. Friends are good company to be in. Though they can lay to waste a thousand productive hours under the guise of a discussion, but it is due to them that these unproductive hours become more enjoyable. The troubled mind soon reconciles with the fact that nothing productive on the ‘planned productive’ front would be achieved, and joins the body in this celebration. We make plans of the future, of future travel to exotic destinations, and play an old joke of a ‘lantern’ as gift on marriage, bantering and all that badinage. Most of them will not bear fruit, soon, most of them will be long forgotten; but today, they offer much respite from … today. Now I don’t have to wish that hard for this day to pass.

Image Credits: Google.