Try this, lie on your back, and slowly raise your legs up in the air. Then raise your back too, supported by your elbows. Try to get as straight as possible, as if you were Atlas, with your shoulders being a buttress to the skies above (or rather, the ground below), and you were flying with it like Hanuman carrying Sanjeevani. Done? Now tell me, what do you see when you look at your feet?

How is the view from down there?

I feel taller than I am, my own height seems insurmountable. I never knew looking down on myself was so much easier, and looking up so, tall. I love that feeling of 'feeling tall' just because I see my legs from a fresh perspective. :-)

What about you?

Which one is taller among the two, the upright you, or the inverted you?

Illusions of height and perspectives

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