I saw a dream yesternight. While I cannot remember most of it, I do remember two distinct parts from it. I had stumbled across 2 lines of poetry - really poignant poetry. They were in Hindi/Urdu. Barely two lines, but complete. I realized I was dreaming and that I will need to wake up to preserve that poetry in something other than my subconscious mind.

I remember waking up and trying to catch that dream - the words were still accessible, albeit hazy. I woke up. The room was still dark; it must have been somewhere near 4:30 am or so. There was a hint of light, and that was all. I fetched my diary and pen and scribbled something down in my drowsiness in that scant light. Satisfied, I promptly went back to sleep.

I woke up today to realize how I had been swindled. It was a dream within a dream and boy! did it mock me!

Aesthetic Blasphemy | Cloudy Memory
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