Venetian Masks - Them people

I always tell them, people, no, I earnestly request to feel free to ask ANYTHING that they'd like. No wonder I'd judge, for everyone holds the right to his judgment, but I promise to not let it show, or get in the way of how it should be. I often tell them that they'll never know if they never ask, even when I reserve the rights to answer them at will. It will always be a personal calculation. Somehow, things stated so bluntly are taken as insincerity of expression, too simple and too honest to be true. They say I am calculating. Yes I am. Hence, I wear many masks. Sometimes, just sometimes, I go without any, and because they are so used to the notion that no one walks the road without a mask on, laud me for carrying it off so well which, if were to dawn on them like a revelation would be something they'd find absolutely abhorrent and obnoxious, as it would be so true and staring at them in their face like a brazen, bitter truth that they'll be repelled by its gravity (which is strange since gravity attracts).

Truth, because there is no better word than that.

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P.S. Wrote it long back, did not know when it was lost in the few drafts.