Oman on Map

  1. Muscat is the capital of Oman
    The city area is easy on ears due to absence of blaring horns and the hillocks around the area are not that menacing. (Needs validation, source)
  2. Gabfest:n. Slang
    1. An informal gathering or session for the exchange of news, opinions, and gossip.
    2. A long, animated conversation or discussion.
  3. GoPro is a company that makes wearable HD cameras at (allegedly) affordable prices. It's founder Nick Woodman just acted on an idea that would help him capture the moments he wanted to (surfboarding), handsfree. Earlier, he blew up $4 Million in a failed enterprise. GoPro is a $2.5 Billion company in 2013 with yearly sales upping $1 billion. (Ek idea jo badal de aapki zindagi!) (Source)