1. 'Ugrasen ki baoli': (Source: LoopWhole)
    • Is near Cannaught Place, and appears cleaner than the 'Rajon ki baoli' which is near Qutab Minar.
    • Raja Agrasen/Ugrasen (from the times of Mahabharata) did 18 yajnas and named 18 gotras, 1 at the end of each yajna. 'Goel' was allegedly second.
  2. Drinking ice cold water helps burns calories (but weight loss isn't that significant). Not that it is too much, but the calories burnt don't accrue and that is good, right? Courtesy, my health freak pal (and Source). Well, that should've been obvious, a little knowledge that water has very high latent heat capacity which makes water retain more heat before it actually starts to boil is what sustains aquatic life too (4 degrees temperature, remember?). Besides, don't take it too seriously (according to be), because if your body temperature is not regulated well, the enzymes could malfunction (if, God forbid, something is really wrong with you). So stick with the water which is available, everything cold that we consume has to be raised to 37.5 degrees. :-) Excess is always bad, as the age old saying goes.