1. Erudite: (adjective) having or containing a lot of specialist knowledge (Source: Cambridge Advanced Learners Dictionary)
    Usage: An erudite reader sent me this explanation of how Python compares to other programming languages: ... (Dive into Python)
  2. There are at least three kinds of sweat - The staining and smelly (carbohydrate and protein containing) sweat by Apocrine glands in armpits, anus and genitals, the clear, odorless and coolant sweat on forehead, palms and feet by the eccrine glands and the sebaceous gland sweat on scalp and face which waterproofs and lubricates hair and skin (though it is becoming more dormant due to modern lifestyle). Sweat also emits pheromones but that still doesn't take the 'yukk' out of many heads when they encounter the 'stench'. (Source) The article cites that 'Asians' have lesser Apocrine glands and hence have lesser sweaty problems, but I am not sure if they include India in Asia, or as the stereotype goes only people looking like Chinese or Japanese (ok, Koeran too) qualify as Asians? I was actually looking for the answer that why should my back sweat when I am exercising my legs. The casual answer should be obvious, because my body is one; but then, the heat of the action is in the legs, shouldn't they sweat more? Does back have more surface area and hence sweats more, or it has a larger share of sweat glands?
  3. Gordon Moore (That's right, after whom we've named the Moore's Rule of thumb law was emotionally attached to memory chips (DRAMs) which made them a profit making company while the market bias was clearly shifting towards manufacturing of Microprocessors. (Source) Eventually, rationality won and they're still doing good.
  4. Espouse: (verb) to become involved with or support an activity or opinion
    Vegetarianism is one cause she does not espouse.