Cambridge is essentially in UK, as I had suspected. As if there was something to suspect (heh!), we know that Cambridge and Oxford have been two major universities since a very, very long time. But sometimes when I looked at the Blips on my Analytics page, I saw a Cambridge in the US too. Apparently, I am not wrong. And guess what? This Cambridge is in UK and USCambridge is important too! The Harvard and Massachusetts Universities (the famous ones) are in Cambridge, US. So, while my Geography wasn't too bad, but the founders of Cambridge in the US should have thought about this conflicting naming convention before naming the place after the place with the same name in the UK (which was because they were influenced by the 'Puritan theology' from Cambridge in UK).

P.S.: Things are going a little slow, I know, but I'll try not to overwhelm myself with obligations, I'll let this section be a fun ride :-)