I needed something to keep my mouth moving while at office. It is a whim sometimes, and I get weird things to satiate such small cravings. For example, I needed a fidget sometime back, so I got a Rubix cube for the office. When I got obsessed with not just fidgeting with it, but also finding its solution programmatically, which of course is available online, but my puny brain couldn't get around to doing it in one go, it now rests with one side solved in my desk cupboard. So, this time, the whim was to eat, and eat healthy, since chips and biscuits are so, not healthy types. Come 'Dry Fruits', and I got some pistachios and cashew nuts. But because these pistachios demand some attention to pop open their shells, they had my entire attention and hence came the flying query: How come they're all salty?

Are pistachios naturally salted? | Aesthetic Blasphemy

Turns out, they do grow well in saline soils, but the nut isn't salty naturally. [Inferred from information from Wikipedia]. Further, this resource informs that even sweetened varieties can be found, especially when making cakes, which reminds me of eating pistachios in ice creams and nope, they aren't salty.

It has heath benefits too, and like anything else, excess of these is also harmful. Human body is a hodgepodge of many components; okay, I'm sorry, it is an organized structure of many components, and one thing which is good for some part is not so good for the other part, hence, we consume a lot of things which cancel out each others' effects. So, don't trust your dietician completely if they tell you that you must eat on;y one thing and not the other.